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If you're trying to create an Outpost account (or change your payment method on an existing one), and encountering errors with your credit card, here are some of the reasons why this may happen:


Prepaid cards

Because Outpost is an ongoing subscription, your prepaid debit card or credit gift card may have restrictions as forms of payment, as some of them can't be used for subscription purchases. You may want to contact the issuer of the card to find out. 

Note: Debit cards are usually accepted as long as they have the logo of a major credit card provider on them. 


Mistyped card information

The transaction could be denied by your bank if any information was entered incorrectly, including the card number, expiration date, security code, or the billing postal code. Postal codes can sometimes create issues if the format doesn't match what your bank has on file for you.

It can help to look at a current bank statement to make sure the billing postal code you're entering matches your bank's records exactly. You might also contact your bank to ask what postal code you should enter for an online transaction with a U.S. company.


Purchase restrictions

Some credit accounts may also have restrictions on certain transactions. Even if your account has sufficient funds, the transaction itself may not be allowed by your bank. You may want to contact them and ask specifically whether ongoing subscription purchases or international purchases are restricted for your account.


We do not have access to your personal banking information, so we only receive limited details about why a transaction was declined. Your bank will have more information, and it's helpful to ask them the specific questions above.

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