Changing the permissions of a contributor or guest on your account

Once you've sent a contributor or guest invitation for your account and it has been accepted, you can still add or remove certain permissions for that user.

Note: if you need to change a user's overall role, please see Changing a contributor to a guest, or vice versa.

Updating a contributor or guest's permissions:

  1. Click on the Account menu at the top of your LivePlan window. Select Manage Account:
  2. In the sidebar of the account management page, click Users:
  3. On the Users page, you'll see all the current users on your account listed near the bottom:
  4. Click the Change access link next to the user you'd like to update:
  5. On the overlay that appears, click the checkboxes for the plan(s) you'd like this user to access, and click the checkbox that grants (or removes) access to the Benchmarks and Dashboard sections of your account. Click Save Changes:
  6. To exit the account management page, click the back arrow near in the upper-left corner of your LivePlan window. 


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