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Once you've begun your 14-day free trial of Outpost, you can add a form of payment to your account any time. You won't be billed until the end of your trial, but with a payment method in place, you'll have uninterrupted service.

If your free trial expires and there's no form of payment in place on your account, you will immediately see a message on your screen, and all of the app's functionality will be suspended until a form of payment is added.


If you're a User or Administrator

Users and administrators on the account will be prompted to email the account owner to reactivate the account.


If you're the account owner

The account owner will see the message below. Clicking Subscribe Now will begin the account reactivation process:



Adding a form of payment to continue the account

  1. As the account owner, when you click Subscribe Now, you'll be taken to the Account page of Outpost to add a form of payment. At the Payment Method Information section of the page, click Edit:

    Note: You may notice that the Outpost sidebar in this view contains none of the regular options, such Preferences, Mailboxes, or Users. These options will be restored as soon as the payment information is updated.

  2. Enter the rest of your payment details and click the Update button:
  3. When you've entered your payment method, check the Subscription section of the page and you'll see that your account status is now Active. You'll also see your next renewal date and billing amount:

    Note: Your billing amount is based on the number of users you currently have on the account. To change the billing amount, you can change the number of users.


More on account owner tools:

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