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Every Outpost account starts with a free 30-day trial, so you can make sure the app will meet your team's needs. If you find Outpost makes communication among your team easier and more efficient, you can add a payment method any time to keep your account active going forward.


Starting your free Outpost trial

  1. On, click the Start your free trial button:
  2. Fill in your name, email address, username, and password. Click Try for free:

    Note: The email address you'll use here is your personal email address. You'll need this address attached to your account for password recovery. We'll set up a mailbox with one of your company's email addresses in the next steps.

  3. Choose your email provider. Outpost currently supports Gmail, but more email providers are coming soon: 

    Note: If you would like to suggest an email provider for us to add, select Another service and add your suggestion.

  4. From here, you'll be connected to Gmail and presented with a list of your existing email addresses. Select the one you want to have connected to your first Outpost mailbox:
  5. You'll then be prompted to verify your request for the connection between Outpost and this Gmail address:
  6. Next, you'll add an internal name for this mailbox, and establish the Send As name, which appears on emails sent from the mailbox. Then click Next:
  7. The next step is optional. If you like, you can send user invitations to up to 5 team members by entering their email addresses. When you're finished, click Send Invitations. Or, if you'd rather not send any, click Skip This Step:

    Note: any users you add to your account will be free until the end of the trial period. If you decide to continue after the trial, you will be billed for each user, per month, according to your subscription plan.

  8. Your initial sign-up is now complete, and you'll be taken to the mailbox view in Outpost. If the email address you've attached to your first mailbox already has an email history, then Outpost will immediately begin importing that email history:

    Note: You can use Outpost, and even log out, while your email history import is in progress.


Outpost tools to explore from here:


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