How do I include a sources and uses of funds statement in my plan? Follow

A Sources and Uses of Funds statement is a list of all the start-up costs you plan to incur for your business, and where the money for these costs will come from. 

Note: As an alternate option, if you've entered a loan or investment in your forecast, and you want to show in the forecast how these funds will be spent, you can use Asset and Expense entries.


In the Pitch

If you're using the Pitch tab of LivePlan to build a presentation page for potential investors or lenders, it contains a Funding needs section, where you can briefly outline these points:



In the Plan

If you're building a more detailed business plan in the Plan tab, There are topics in the Financial Plan chapter of the default outline: Use of Funds and Sources of Funds. There isn't a table that makes calculations of these items, but you can represent them in the plan in writing. If you've created a table or chart in another program, you can always upload it to these sections as an image.

Sources and Uses of Funds is also closely related to Start-Up Costs. You might prefer to use the same process we outline in our article and video on start-up costs to create a representation of your sources and uses of funds.


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