Troubleshooting your Monthly Review

If you're having trouble with LivePlan's Monthly Review feature, this guide will assist you in troubleshooting and resolving common problems. Monthly Review relies on two sets of data: actual results (from QuickBooks Online, Xero, CSV spreadsheet, or direct entry) and forecast data. Problems typically arise from missing or incomplete data in one of these areas.

This feature is available to LivePlan Premium users. To learn more about LivePlan Premium, please click here

No Actual Results

Your actual results come to LivePlan from one of three different sources: from your accounting software, from directly entering your monthly results in LivePlan, or from uploading a CSV template with actual results. Here are some possible causes for this.

  • No connection to QuickBooks or Xero—If you are a QuickBooks Online or Xero user and have not yet connected LivePlan to your accounting data, you must do so before completing a monthly review. Click the Connect accounting button, located in the lower-left corner of your LivePlan window, to get started with the connection process. 
  • Data not mapped from QuickBooks Online or Xero to LivePlan—When using QuickBooks Online or Xero, you need to map the accounts in your accounting software to the corresponding forecast items in LivePlan.
  • Syncing issues or disconnected accounts—If your QuickBooks Online or Xero account is disconnected, you must reconnect and sync successfully. Verify that you are connected to your accounting software.
  • No direct data entry for the month—Using the direct entry method to upload your actuals? Ensure that you have data entered for the month that you are analyzing. 
  • No data uploaded via CSV for the month—If you have used our CSV template to upload your actuals, ensure that you have completed the data for the month you are reviewing. 

No Forecast Data

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