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Our CSV template simplifies the management of financial actuals by pre-formatting all categories, such as revenues, expenses, and more, into a convenient spreadsheet that can be edited in Excel, Google Sheets, Apple Pages, and other popular programs. Once you complete the template, you can upload it back to LivePlan. You can then compare the actual values with your forecasted values in the Dashboard and by using Live Forecast.

This feature is available to LivePlan Premium users. To learn more about LivePlan Premium, please click here

Downloading the CSV template

To ensure the accuracy of your financial actuals, LivePlan will format a CSV template for you to use when entering your financial data.

To download the CSV template:

  • If this is your first visit to the Dashboard section for a particular company, click the Get Started button to move past the initial video:
    dashboard section first visit with Get Started highlighted.png
  • In the overlay that appears, choose the Direct entry or CSV import option:
    dashboard first visit with direct entry highlighted.png

  • If you have already visited the Dashboard or if you have previously entered actual data, click Update your actuals:
    blank dashboard with update your actuals highlighted.png
  1. Click Import Actuals from a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file:
    update your actuals with import actuals box highlighted.png

  2. Click Download .csv template:
    how to inport csv file screen with download highlighted.png

  3. The spreadsheet template will download to your default download folder.

Entering actuals into the spreadsheet

Once you have found the CSV template, you can open it with your preferred spreadsheet app, such as Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, or Apple Numbers.

In the template details below, you will find the revenue streams and expenses for an example plan, along with the first four months of past actuals:
csv example detail.png

You can input actuals for the two years prior to your plan start date. Any existing actual data will be included in the download template. 

Uploading the completed CSV template

When the template is completed, you can upload it to LivePlan. All figures entered into the template will be applied to your past actuals.

To upload a completed CSV template

  1. In the CSV import overlay, click Upload .csv file:
    csv overlay with upload file highlighted.png

  2. Select the completed template file on your computer. LivePlan will automatically apply the data from the template to your past actuals. Once complete, the Upload Results box will summarize the changes. Click View Performance Dashboard to return to the Dashboard:
    upload csv results with view performance dashboard highlighted.png
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