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By default, the Dashboard tab shows several useful analytics, such as number of emails in each mailbox, mail assigned to you, and recent activity. You can customize the Dashboard to display additional widgets for tracking users' activity and mailbox response time, to better manage their email processes. The widgets available vary by account level.

TIP: Use Options to change metrics criteria

Metrics with a chart or graph have an Options button near the bottom which you can click to filter data by mailbox, user, date range, or other criteria.

Click any widget name, below, to see more information.

Default Dashboard Widgets


My Mail

Saved Searches

Recent Actions

Mailbox Traffic

ECP Updates

Users Online

Account Usage (Administrators only)

Tag Cloud

Simple Analytics Widgets

Mailbox Breakdown

Mailbox Traffic Distribution

RSS Feed Reader

Conversation Tracker

Custom Mail Widget

Advanced Analytics Widgets

User Activity

Mailbox Traffic Timeline

Mailbox Response Time

Tip: Limit or allow customization
Account owners can choose to limit customization to administrators only, in the Account (Billing) settings.

NOTE: the free application Adobe Flash Player is required to display some widgets. if you do not have it installed, you will see a prompt in the relevant widget to download a plugin.

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