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The Account Options tab is visible only if you are the Account Owner. There is only one account owner and this person is essentially a super-administrator.

The initial setup of your account is done using the New Account Wizard. Once the account is in place, the Account Owner can review the settings, change the level of service, switch to a different credit card for payment, see a history of monthly invoices, and other account elements.


  1. Find the login links at the top of the screen (Logged in as...)
  2. Click the Account & Tools link
  3. From the Account & Tools dialog, click the Account Options tab

Account Options

This section lets you choose the time zone that will track your incoming and outgoing emails (the default time zone is "America/Los Angeles") and, if your account level supports it, you can choose an SSL secure encryption.

Maintain Assignments

If this option is checked, new messages in an ongoing conversation will automatically be assigned to the account user who sent the most recent message, ensuring that customers get continuity in their email interactions. The messages will still display as unread in the relevant inbox, so they can be reassigned if that person is unavailable.

Only allow Administrators to customize their Dashboards:

The Dashboard can be customized with multiple metrics for tracking response times, assignments, user performance, and more. If this option is checked, non-administrator users will see only the default metrics: Mailboxes, My Mail, Saved Searches, Recent Actions, Users Online, and ECP Updates. They will not have the option of adding additional metrics to the Dashboard.


Check this box to use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for all email transmissions. Uncheck this box to disable SSL.

Enable RSS

Check this box to enable users to get updates on specific mailboxes or conversations via their RSS feed reader. Uncheck the box to disable the RSS Feed feature.

Enable API (Paid accounts only)

Check this box to enable secure integration between your Email Center Pro account and our partner Tool offerings. Un-check this box to disable API access.

For more detailed information, see our technical documentation:

Spam Threshold

Use the slider to adjust your account's spam tolerance up or down. A low Spam Threshold (left end of the spectrum) relegates large volumes of mail to the Spam folder of the relevant mailbox, and a high Spam Threshold (right end) allows almost all messages into the Inbox, including potential spam:

NOTE: Any correspondent you add to your Contacts will be automatically classified as non-Spam, and the Spam score will not affect messages from this address.

Account Owner**

The current account owner can assign ownership to any other user on the account.

To change owners:

  1. Click the drop-down arrow next to Owner
  2. Click to select a different user
  3. Click the Make this person the account owner button
  4. Confirm that you wish to be logged out and assign ownership to a different user, or click Cancel to return to the Billing screen.

    **NOTE: You must be the account owner to make this change. Administrators do not have access to this option.
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