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There are two options for getting your existing email address and routing mail into Email Center Pro: Forwarding or POP Mail.


You can forward all email from your existing email addresses to Email Center Pro.

Forwarding is usually set up on your mail server, which you will have access to through your Internet Service Provider or the service provider that manages your email (example: Gmail or Yahoo!). If you manage your own mail server (such as Microsoft Exchange), you will need to log in to the mail server and forward your email through the mail server's interface.

POP Mail

With this option, Email Center Pro retrieves your email for you. The email accounts you’d like to retrieve email from must support POP access. While the majority of email accounts support POP access, some free email services and some Microsoft Exchange installations don't offer POP server access to their users at this time. Contact your other Web mail provider to determine if POP access is available with your current email account. Learn how to set up POP

POP vs. Forwarding

Both approaches have their advantages. Forwarding is the faster way to get email into your Email Center Pro account, which may be important to your customers.



 Setup is in your existing mail server. Just set your mail server to forward a copy of your messages to your direct Email Center Pro address ( and your email messages will appear. Setup is inside Email Center Pro. Just enter your POP server information into the wizard and Email Center Pro will automatically begin checking your email every 10 minutes.

Automatic backups. Most email servers will keep a copy of the message that is forwarded automatically. That means you'll have the copy in Email Center Pro as well as your original copy of the email.

You can choose to leave a copy of the email on your server if you wish to have backups.

Speed: No delay in waiting for Email Center Pro to check your messages; your email will arrive in Email Center Pro almost immediately after your server forwards them.

Can access your message via SSL for enhanced security if your email server provides it.



  1. Locate the login links along the top of your screen (Logged in as...)
  2. Click the Account & Tools link
  3. Click the Mailboxes tab
  4. Click to select a mailbox from the list on the left
  5. On the right side of the dialog, find the POP Accounts header (at the bottom)
  6. Click the Add POP Account button to open the POP server dialog
  7. Fill in the POP server account information
  8. Click Save and Close to save the your new Mailbox settings


After you set up POP Mail Checking, Email Center Pro checks for new messages every five minutes and new mail will appear automatically in your Email Center Pro designated mailbox.

Please note:

  • You can route as many POP mail accounts to an Email Center Pro mailbox as you would like.
  • Once you start sending emails into your new Email Center Pro account you will need to make sure to disable any other email programs that were receiving mail before you started using Email Center Pro. This is to ensure that all email routes to Email Center Pro only.
  • If you want to stop routing emails to your Email Center Pro mailbox, you can click the Remove link to delete the POP server connection for the mailbox.
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