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One of the great features of Email Center Pro is the ability to sort and segment your message through the use of tags. Tags allow you to quickly find email messages or even do very detailed "Saved Searches" that allow you to filter out messages by combining tags and other conditions (such as action date or replied to status). 

Applying tags is as easy as adding a tag title to any email message or you can even include tags in a Template so it's automatically applied to the message when you respond to it. However, it's also possible to automatically apply a tag to a message when it's received. This is very handy in certain situations, for example: If you have a specific web form on your site that only VIP customers have access to, wouldn't it be great to tag those messages as "VIP" so they can get a higher priority?

You can do this by adding the desired tag name to the email address that you're forwarding the email to in your Email Center Pro (ECP) account. Every mailbox has a direct Email Center Pro email address and this allows you to forward email messages directly into your mailbox. Adding the tag to the mailbox name will direct ECP to tag that message with your tag name. For example, goes directly into our Sales inbox in ECP. If I want to forward a message to that mailbox with the tag of "Refund", I would simply forward the message to and the message will appear in the Sales Inbox but will automatically be tagged "Refund". 

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