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While it's not currently easy to add images to your signature in Email Center Pro, it is possible to do so. For this to work the image you want to include in your signature must be hosted on a web server somewhere. You can then embed those images into your signature line in Email Center Pro by either of a few methods. I would recommend constructing your signature in a new message then copy and pasting it into the signature field as it is the easiest method, but you can switch to the HTML view in the signature editor and manually enter the HTML if you know how to do this. Here are the steps I would recommend:
  1. Start to Compose a new message in Email Center Pro
  2. Add your normal text signature information
  3. Where you'd like to add an image, take these steps:
    1. Click the Insert Image button in the toolbar
    2. Choose External URL
    3. Type or copy and paste the URL to the image that is hosted that you want in the signature. For instance, for my Facebook Profile, I might use this URL:
      Which would display this image: 
    4. Click the Add button
  4. If you want to link that image to something such as your Facebook or Youtube account:
    1. Select the image and then click the Hyperlink tool in the toolbar
    2. Enter the URL you want to link that image too
    3. Click OK
      You should now have something like this:  
  5. Once you finish the signature and it looks the way you want it, select it all then press CTRL + C to copy it.
  6. Click the Accounts & Tools link
  7. Scroll down to the Signature field and delete anything that is there, then press CTRL + V to paste the signature into the field.
  8. Click the Save button to save your signature
You can also use Email Signature tools such as WiseStamp, etc to generate the signature for you to copy and paste into the signature field in Email Center Pro. If the tool you choose generates HTML code for you to copy and paste, just click the SourceEdit button in the signature editor before pasting the HTML code into the field, then click the SourceEdit button again to see how your signature will look when sent.
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