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If your templates make reference to serial numbers, prices, product names, or other elements that may change every time you send a message based on the template, you can use Input Fields to remind senders to enter that information.

Add Input Fields:

  1. Create your template
  2. In-line with the text, enter a single-word description of the field, surrounded by curly brackets (also called braces). For example: {recipientName}
    Note: When creating your custom input fields, capital letters in the label create spaces in the actual input box. For example, {myCustomInputField} will appear as My Custom Input Field: as shown below:
  3. Save the template

Use Input Fields:

  1. Use the template to create a message
  2. A dialog box will open, prompting you to fill in information for each Input Field
  3. Type in the correct text for each field
  4. Click Apply; the text you typed will replace the InputField(s) in your message text
  5. Make any further modifications necessary to the message
  6. Click Send

In addition to creating custom input fields, Email Center Pro allows you to use any of several prebuilt fields that will automatically pull information from the email message itself. Those prebuilt input fields include the following:

  • {subject} - The subject of the email message.
  • {replyToAddress} - The "Reply to" address from the email message, this is the address the email message is being sent from (your address).
  • {recipientAddress} - The email address this message is being sent to.
  • {recipientName} - The name of the email recipient from the email message. Note: If the sender didn't properly configure their email client, this sometimes will not have a name and default to the email address.
  • {ticketNumber} - If you're using a ticketing system and assigning ticket numbers to your email conversations, this will pull the ticket number for the thread into the email message.
  • {userFullName} - Your Email Center Pro user's full name.
  • {userFirstName} - Your Email Center Pro user's first name.
  • {userLastName} - Your Email Center Pro user's last name.
  • {date} - The current date in US format ( MM/DD/YYYY )
  • {euroDate} - The current date in European Format ( DD/MM/YYYY )
  • {dayOfWeek} - The current day of the week (ie: Friday)
  • {longDate} - The long format of the current date (ie: January 24, 2014)
  • {time} - The current time.
  • {24hourTime} - The current time in 24 hour format.

Here's a screenshot showing the available prebuilt input fields:


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