Email Center Pro: Where can we find the white or black list for Spam? Follow

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There is no "white list" or "black list" in Email Center Pro. Instead, we use a "grey list" which means that messages from people in your Contacts List must score much higher than normal to get classified as spam. Grey listing gives you some protection from email spoofing campaigns (where a known contacts email address can be used to get Spam in your account because they've been "white listed" already).

If you're having too many messages from known good Contacts get caught by the Spam filter, you should examine the Spam score for those messages and then adjust your spam threshold to allow those messages through. The setting for the Grey List is threshold +3 so if the messages were scoring 5 in the Spam Folder, setting your Spam Threshold to 2 or 3 should allow those messages through the filter.

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