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When attempting to open a Sample Plan in your Sales and Marketing Pro software you may receive an error message that says:

An error occurred while trying to download from the Web. Either the plan is no longer available or your Internet connection is not working properly.

This error may occur even if your Internet Connection appears to be functioning normally.

The Sample Plan Browser attempts to download the sample plan files from our servers on an "as needed" basis. To resolve these types of problems, you will need to establish an active connection to the Internet when using the Sample Plan Browser. The sample plans are stored at our website in order to conserve space on your computer's hard drive and are downloaded by the Sample Plan Browser when needed.

If you use a Proxy server or if you receive this error even though your computer is connected to the Internet, the following instructions should assist in resolving this problem:

  1. Open Internet Explorer and connect to any website outside of your Local Area Network 
    (For example:
  2. Minimize Internet Explorer
  3. Open your Palo Alto Software program.
  4. Click on the Sample Plans button.

The Sample Plan Browser will now detect the settings used by Internet Explorer to access the Internet. This will allow the Sample Plan Browser to connect to the Internet in order to connect to our server and download the requested sample plan files.

If the problem persists, another alternative exists for users of the latest version of our software. All of the Sample Plans which are available for the latest versions of our software are available via a single download from our Web site. Take the following steps to download and install all of the Sample Plans onto your computer's hard drive.

  1. Visit the Download Center of our Website at:
  2. Enter the required information (your product serial number and email address) and then click the link to the sample plan installer for your software.
  3. When prompted, choose to Save the file to disk and direct the file to the Desktop of your computer.
  4. Once the download is completed, close all programs and then double-click the file to install the sample plans.
  5. Once the plans are installed, return to the Sample Plan Browser and Open the sample plan you would like to modify.
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