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When attempting to Activate by Internet, download the latest updates, Open a Sample Plan, or use the Web Resources in your software, you may get an error message similar to the following:

An error occurred while trying to download from the Web. Either the plan is no longer available or your Internet connection is not working properly.

You may see this message even after you have tested your Internet connection with Internet Explorer and it appears to be functioning normally.

Why is this happening?

Sales and Marketing Pro requires an Internet connection for Activation, to download updates, and to access the sample plans. The software uses the settings determined by Internet Explorer, the default Windows browser, in order to detect and utilize your current connection to the Internet. If Internet Explorer functions properly on the computer, but your Palo Alto Software program is unable to detect and use your Internet connection, this indicates that there is a firewall or some other security/network application which is preventing the application from connecting to the Internet.

Check Firewall and Security Applications

To resolve the problem, you will need to create a rule in your firewall or other security/network application(s) allowing the Palo Alto Software application and the Update Manager unlimited access to the Internet.

Unfortunately, due to the wide variety of hardware, software, and network configurations, Palo Alto Software cannot provide assistance with creating firewall rules or configuring your network security to allow this connection. You will need to contact your firewall manufacturer, ISP, or network administrator for such assistance.

File names to allow

The file names which should have permission to access the Internet are listed below for each program:

Sales and Marketing Pro

  • Main Program: Pas.smpenu11.exe
  • Sample Plan Browser: Pas.smpenu11.SampleBrowser.exe
  • Resources Browser: Pas.smpenu11.AppResources.exe
  • Desktop Launcher: Pas.smpenu11.Desktop.Launcher.exe
  • Help Files: Pas.smpenu11.Help.exe
  • Venture Capital Database Browser: Pas.VentureCapitalBrowser.exe
  • Critical Updates and patches: Pas.Downloader.exe

Marketing Plan Pro 11.0 Powered by Duct Tape Marketing

  • Main Program: Pas.Dtmenu11.exe
  • Resources Browser: Pas.Dtmenu11.AppResources.exe
  • Desktop Launcher: Pas.Dtmenu11.Desktop.Launcher.exe
  • Help Files: Pas.Dtmenu11.Help.exe
  • Critical Updates and patches: Pas.Downloader.exe

Marketing Plan Pro 9.0

  • Main Program: pas8_app.exe
  • Critical Updates and Patches: pas8_update.exe
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