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Sales and Marketing Pro allows you to insert images and gives good control over text formatting. We also include other options for more flexible formatting of the text in your plan.

Images and graphics

You can insert graphics into text-topics by simply clicking Image on the Insert menu. Palo Alto Software products support importing from a number of standard image formats. You can resize and move images within text-topics.

If you are dealing with high-quality images, we recommend that you use image editing software to fine-tune the size of the imported graphic prior to actually inserting the image into a text topic in your plan.

TIP: Image size can affect its display when printed. We recommend using graphics no wider than 450 pixels, and no higher than 640 pixels, in a Portrait-oriented section (reverse the proportions for Landscape).

Text and print formatting

Palo Alto Software products give you extensive control over fonts, sizes, and styles. You can change your fonts in all topics in one place: On the Tools menu, point to Options and click Topics. You can choose from any installed font family, style and size.

Change the look of your headers, subheaders, tables, etc., in the Printing Options dialog: on the Tools menu, point to Options and click Printing. For more on individual print settings, see the Help file installed with your software.

For more high-end text or table formatting, you can export your finished plan to a number of different file formats. Click Export on the File menu and choose from the options that display.

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