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Our software does allow you to import an image into a plan by inserting the image into any of the text topics in your plan outline. However, it doesn't allow you to paste an image directly into your text via the Copy and Paste functions.

Inserting an image

Sales and Marketing Pro has a special Insert Image feature for dealing with graphic files:

  1. Open your plan
  2. Open the text-topic where you want to image to display
  3. On the Insert menu, click Image
  4. Browse to the location where your graphic file is stored, and select it.
  5. Click Open.

Supported formats

All Palo Alto Software products support images saved as bitmap (*.bmp) file, Windows Metafile (*.wmf), a Jpeg (*.jpg or *.jpeg) or as a gif image (*.gif). If you are interested in bringing an image over from another document (such as a Microsoft Word file), you will first need to save the image as a separate graphic file in one of these supported formats.

Sales & Marketing Pro and Marketing Plan Pro 11.0 also support importing the following additional file types: *.dib, * .emf , and * .png. To insert an image in these formats, change the "Files of Type" setting to All Files (*.*) and then browse to your image.

Changing images

Keep in mind that once inserted, the image can be resized, but cannot be changed, so you will want to make any adjustments to the image in a paint or graphics program prior to inserting the image into your text topic.

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