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When using Sales & Marketing Pro, you may encounter a problem that results in the instructions or wizard questions appearing to be missing, like this:



These types of problems displaying text in various panes, dialog boxes, and select-able choices can be caused by certain display settings in Windows most notably the High Contrast Color scheme, or having a Theme Manager software such as Window Blinds. Your screenshot does seem to indicate that you're using one of the High Contrast Themes in Windows 8 which is the most likely culprit here.

To select a compatible color scheme in Windows 8:

  1. Close Sales and Marketing Pro 
  2. Right click on any open space of your Desktop screen 
  3. Choose Personalize from the right click menu 
  4. Select one of the Windows Default Themes (Windows 8 should come with 3 of these) 
  5. Close the Personalize settings 
  6. Launch Sales and Marketing Pro and verify that the problem is resolved

You can safely switch back to the High Contrast theme when you're done working in the software. If you need to have a High Contrast theme enabled when working within the software, I did find that the High Contrast - White theme does seem to work ok with Sales and Marketing Pro in basic testing.

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