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Whenever I try to access any of the "internet required" features like Sample Plans or Resources, I get a message that there are problems with my internet. But I'm able to load web pages and check my email just fine. Why is this happening?


Our software uses the settings determined by Internet Explorer to detect and use your current connection to the Internet. If Internet Explorer is able to connect to the Internet and browse Web pages without any difficulties, then our software should be able to use this connection to download updates or sample plans as well. There are no settings to adjust within Business Plan Pro in order to connect to the Internet. Our software uses the settings which are configured by Internet Explorer to avoid making users adjust anything within our program to detect the Internet connection.

If Internet Explorer functions properly on the computer, but our software is unable to detect your Internet connection, this would indicate that there is something preventing our application from connecting to our web servers. This could be a temporary problem with the Internet itself or a firewall or some other security/network application (such as a proxy server) which is preventing our software from using your computer's connection to the Internet.

Palo Alto Software cannot assist you with configuring your network security, proxy server or firewall to allow our program to access the Internet through your Internet Connection. We can only provide you with the information that you'll need to arrange such configurations on your own, you'll find that information near the end of this article.

Palo Alto Software can provide you with work-around solutions to assist you if you continue to encounter such problems. These solutions include the following:

Work-around Solutions:

  • Use the "Activate by using the telephone" option
    You can activate your software by contacting our Activation Department directly via the telephone by using this option. You will be provided with a toll-free number (within the U.S.) which can be used to contact a live Activation Agent who will provide you with a Confirmation ID# which will activate the software.
  • Problems with Update Wizard not detecting the Internet connection:
    You can download and install the latest updates for your software by using a manual update file for the software. Just contact us when you would like to update the software and let us know the current version listed in your Help > About screen. Using that information, we will be able to provide you a link to the appropriate update file.
  • Problems with the Sample Plan Browser detecting the Internet connection:
    Install the Sample Plan files onto the hard drive of the computer. Instructions on how to do this can be found within the following Article from our Web site:
  • Problems with the Resources Browser detecting the Internet connection:
    You can access the Resources Browser directly from your web browser by visiting the link below. You will be prompted to enter your serial number before you can access the resources.
    • Resource Link for Business Plan Pro 11:
    • Resource Link for Business Plan Pro 12:
    • Resource Link for Sales and Marketing Pro:
  • Problems uploading to
    If you are unable to upload your plan to, you will need to resolve the problem with your firewall or Internet security as there is no alternative means for uploading a plan to our service. If you are unable to upload and need to share your plan with non-Business Plan Pro users, we do have a robust export feature built into the software that will allow you to convert your business plan to an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) or Microsoft Word (.DOC) document so you can send it to others via email. Just click the File menu and choose Export to launch the wizard that will guide you through the steps to convert your plan to other formats.

Steps you can take to try to resolve the problem without using the work-arounds:

  • To resolve the problem, you can try to flush your computer's DNS Cache to reconnect to our servers:
    1. Click on Start and choose Run
    2. Type the following command and press enter or click OK:
    3. Try to use the Internet Connectivity Required feature of the software again
  • If you are using a Proxy Server, there are two primary servers your proxy server will need to allow traffic to and from. These are: and

    Traffic to and from those URLs should allow the software to use your Internet connection if there isn't a firewall or some other network security specifically blocking our program.

If the problem persists, you will need to create a firewall rule allowing the following applications unlimited access to the Internet:


Application Name

Update Program

Business Plan Pro 12.0


  • Pas.Bppenu.exe - Main Program
  • Pas.Bppenu.SampleBrowser.exe - Sample Plan Browser
  • Pas.Bppenu.AppResources.exe - Resources Browser
  • Pas.Bppenu.Desktop.Launcher.exe - Desktop Launcher
  • Pas.Bppenu.Help.exe - Help Files
  • Pas.VentureCapitalBrowser.US.exe - Venture Capital Database Browser


Pas.Downloader.exe - Manages the update/patches

Business Plan Pro 11.0

Pas.Bppenu11.exe - Main Program
Pas.Bppenu11.SampleBrowser.exe - Sample Plan Browser
Pas.Bppenu11.AppResources.exe - Resources Browser
Pas.Bppenu11.Desktop.Launcher.exe - Desktop Launcher
Pas.Bppenu11.Help.exe - Help Files
Pas.VentureCapitalBrowser.exe - Venture Capital Database Browser

Pas.Downloader.exe - Manages the update/patches

Business Plan Pro 2007



Business Plan Pro 2006



Business Plan Pro 2005



Business Plan Pro 2004



Marketing Plan Pro 11 Pas.dtmenu1.exe - Main Program
Pas.Dtmenu1.Desktop.Launcher.exe - Desktop Launcher
Pas.Dtmenu1.AppResources.exe - Resources Browser
Pas.Dtmenu1.Help.exe - Help Files
Pas.VentureCapitalBrowser.exe - Venture Capital Database Browser
Pas.Downloader.exe - Manages the update/patches

Marketing Plan Pro v9.0



Marketing Plan Pro v6.0




Unfortunately, Palo Alto Software cannot provide any assistance with creating firewall rules or configuring your network security to allow this connection. You would need to contact your firewall manufacturer, ISP, or network administrator for such assistance. While we can't provide you with specific instructions, we can provide you with the following links to instructions provided by the manufacturers of some of the more popular firewall programs:

Norton Internet Security/Personal Firewall:
Here is a link to Symantec's Web site, this article contains instructions on how to create a firewall rule in Norton Internet Security 2006 for "Web enabled" programs.
Symantec Support Web site
Symantec Knowledge Base Article:
Configuring firewall rules for Web-enabled programs

McAffee Security Center:
Here is a link to McAfee's Support Web site (, this article contains instructions on how to check firewall rules in McAfee Personal Firewall.
McAfeeHelp Web site
McAfeeHelp Article: 
How do I change the access permissions of an application?

Zone Alarm:
Zone Labs, the makers of Zone Alarm, does not appear to have a searchable database with answers to these types of questions. However, they do have Instant Support (a virtual technical support agent is ready to provide instant answers to your questions) as well as other options. Here is a link to Zone Labs Technical Support's Web site:
Zone Labs Technical Support

AOL Security Center:
Here is a link to AOL's Security Center Support Web site (, this article contains instructions on how to create firewall rules in AOL's Firewall through the AOL Security Center.
Click the link below, then scroll down until you see: Set AOL Firewall Program Permissions
Modifying the Firewall in the AOL Security Center

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