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I have struggled with the following: 

I registered the company in my county in January and I have been doing research in the meantime. I have purchased a computer, a truck and misc. office supplies. I need to borrow $100,000. I have additional cash that I would be willing to put in. I will be manufacturing units that will cost me $22,000 to build and sell them directly to the consumer for $48,000.

My questions are as follows:

  • Do I use the existing or start-up plan?
  • Where is the correct place to input what I have already invested?
  • Where do I input the cash that I would put in?
  • The first month (May 1999) I want to build the first two prototypes, expecting the first unit sale to be in June. Should I show inventory? (It seems complicated since after the first prototype I will not build a unit until I have an order.)


A start-up company gets a table for start-up costs, which appears in your Table menu. If you don't have it, go back to the Plan Setup, find that question and change your answer. It won't hurt to do that midstream, after your plan is started.

Once you're set as start-up, you'll see the Start-up table with cells already waiting for entering the initial assets, money already spent, etc. There is also a Start-up Funding table with cells already set for your own investment and your initial loans as well.

Version 2005 or newer

With your inventory, if you have Business Plan Pro 2005 or newer, just make sure your plan is set to "yes" for handling inventory in the Plan Setup. You can accept the default amounts for minimum inventory purchase and months on-hand, or specify particular settings.

If you plan on eventually selling both prototypes, you will list the $44,000 of raw materials for your first two prototypes in the Start-up table as inventory. List the first projected sale ($48,000) in the Sales Forecast table in June, and show that you had $22,000 of direct costs for that sale (the cost to build the prototype).Then, just make sure to list the other $22,000 of prototype costs, for the second prototype, in the same month you plan to sell it. The software has an Inventory Detail table which will handle all the related issues of ordering inventory in the background, based on choices you make in the Plan Setup.

Version 2003-2004

If you have version 2003 or 2004 of Business Plan Pro or later you can just type in your inventory amounts for each month. If you have an earlier version, the formulas for estimating won't work well with individual units like in your case, which is why we put an override option into those earlier versions. Use your help and instructions to find the override, if you don't have 2003 or later, so you can type balances in directly.  

With those specific questions answered, I'd like to guide you to where the help facilities are, now that it won't seem like I'm just too lazy to answer the questions. We put a lot of effort into making this product easy to use and understand, so I want to make sure you know where you can find this kind of answer.

First, please go to any table and while looking at the table make sure you have Instructions showing. The Instructions should appear just above the table. With the instructions showing, you have single clicks to examples, Table Help, and the table wizards. Those texts are full of details (for example, what's personnel burden) even to the extent of specific row-by-row help for each row in the table. If you don't know how to use the row-by-row help, look in your help index for "row-by-row" and you'll find instructions.

Second, you can read the Help pages for the Start-up and Start-up Funding tables for more detail, or do a search in the Help file on "Start-up or Ongoing" to get some background information. If you want more details about how Business Plan Pro handles inventory, make sure to read the detailed information about the Inventory Detail table.

Or, if you have an older version of Business Plan Pro (2004 or earlier), you can read the printed manual, Chapter 6, about the start-up table. The manual goes into detail, so if you really want to know what's going on, you have to read it. It is built into your software as a digitized book, to view this book click Help and select Contents.

Third, Press F1 at any time while running Business Plan Pro to get to the automatic context-sensitive help, which includes details on tables, and a glossary. Fourth, there is a 300+ page book on business planning that goes along with Business Plan Pro, which explains everything in great detail. It has an index and a glossary, and "personnel burden," for example, is in both. It is built into your software, like the manual, as a digitized book.

Tim Berry


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