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Business Plan Pro already includes a full set of financial tables that cover all of the required information for your business plan. These pre-built tables do not need to be programmed, they are built into a very powerful spreadsheet tool that includes a complete Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheet which supports sophisticated financial functions that can calculate your loan payments, depreciation, and investment analysis. All of this power is available even while working within the financial analysis.

However, users with the Premier Edition can also build their own customized spreadsheets within the plan, linking them to the thoroughly tested and documented tables already there. Our software gives you extensive spreadsheet-like programmability for your custom financial tables. You can either create these custom tables in place or import them from an existing Microsoft Excel workbook.

Here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Once you've imported your spreadsheets from Excel and created links to our pre-built tables, you shouldn't re-import those spreadsheets again. Doing so will not replace the existing spreadsheets but import new copies of them instead. If you need to update the data entered in an Excel spreadsheet that has already been imported, you should copy and paste the spreadsheet into the "table" version of the spreadsheet in Business Plan Pro. 
  • You can create a custom formula in any "data entry" area of our spreadsheets to link to your imported tables, this is how you get your data to flow into our financial model. 
  • Creating a custom formula to another table must be done manually (you can't build "point and click" formulas between tables). For example, to link to cell C4 of a table named "My Custom Data" I would enter a formula like: ='My Custom Data'!C4 
  • While creating custom formulas is not something we generally provide support for through Customer Service, the process is thoroughly documented within the Help Files for the software. Just click Help, Search and then search for Advanced: Linking Tables or Custom Formula Examples 
  • You may also find the built in Range Name list (that can be found by clicking the Help menu, choosing Index  then Range Name List) helpful
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