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All Palo Alto Software programs generate colorful, professional charts based upon the data which you have entered. You can customize the colors which are used to generate the charts in your plan.


Change colors in all charts

In Business Plan Pro 12, you can change the colors in all your charts at once.

  1. On the Tools menu, point to Options and click Charts.
  2. Click on the Colors tab.
  3. Click the pull-down arrow and scroll through the list to see different palette options.
  4. Highlight the new color palette name and click OK.
  5. The default colors in all charts are now changed.

Change the colors in a single chart

Business Plan Pro 12.0

  • On the chart formatting toolbar, click Custom Format.
  • Custom chart formatting icons will appear.
  • Click the Palette icon and highlight a new color palette to change the colors in the entire chart.
  • OR, right-click on the individual data series (the line, bar, or area) you would like to change and select one of the options that appears.
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