Milestones chart has strange x-axis Follow


The Milestones Chart has to set its date range according to the information in the Milestones Table. If there are any empty Start or End Date fields or any empty rows in the Milestones Table (show example), the chart tries to include all of the years back to about 1900.


The resulting Milestones chart will look like this:


It's quite common for there to be an extra empty row or two at the bottom of the table. Often, people have to scroll down to see the empty row or rows. One challenge is that you aren't allowed to delete the first row or the last row (because there have to be at least two rows in the table).

So, if you have an empty row at the bottom to delete, you have to:

  1. Enter a description and start and end dates into the last row, then
  2. Delete the duplicated "middle" row.

Also, if any of the dates are not valid, the date range on the chart will not be correct. An example is November 31st (there are only 30 days in November).

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