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When clicking into any of the tables of the software, you may receive an error message from Internet Explorer saying:

"An error occurred in the script on this page."

Why is this happening?

When the user clicks into any of the tables in the plan, the software will launch a new Internet Explorer window to display the table wizard which guides the user through the setup and data entry for the table. This type of Internet Explorer Script error could indicate that the latest updates for Business Plan Pro have not been installed or that there is a problem with the installation of Internet Explorer on the computer.



First, click About on the Help menu from within the Business Plan Pro software to see if the latest updates are installed. The Version number in the About screen should be at least 8.05.0003 and the Core Version number should be at least 8.15.0005. If these numbers do not reflect the current update status of your software, click Update Manager on the Tools menu and use the Update Manager to download the most recent updates to the software.

If you have any troubles updating the software using the Update Manager, you can install the latest updates using these steps as well:

 Un-install the program

  1. Close any open programs.
  2. Click Start on your Windows toolbar.
  3. Point to Settings, and click Control Panel.
  4. Double-click Add or Remove Programs.
  5. Select your Palo Alto Software application by name (Business Plan Pro, Marketing Plan Pro, etc.)
  6. Click Remove.
  7. Click Application Manager (or Palo Alto Software's Application Manager) then click Remove.
  8. Once finished, restart the PC.

Download the latest installer for your software

  1. Go to the Palo Alto Software Download Web site
  2. Download the installer for your software.
  3. If prompted, choose to Save the file to disk and direct the file to the Desktop of your computer.

Install the software

  1. Once the download has completed, close any open programs
  2. Double-click on the downloaded file to install the software. Installing from this downloaded file will install the software with the latest updates included.

Restart your computer, and open the software

  1. Once the installation has completed, restart your computer
  2. Then launch the Palo Alto Software program

If the updates are installed and you still receive the error message, this would indicate a problem with the installation of Internet Explorer on the computer. To resolve the Internet Explorer script errors which you are encountering in this situation, you will need to repair or reinstall Internet Explorer 6 and the latest updates to that software on your computer. 

You may wish to seek the help of a Microsoft Technician for this, but you should be able to find a Microsoft Knowledge Base article on repairing or reinstalling Internet Explorer through Microsoft's Internet Explorer Support Center.

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