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We have recent reports that some users are encountering the following message after recently updating or installing Avast anti-virus. The message appears in the lower right corner of this screenshot and causes and Unhandled Error message from Business Plan Pro:



If you just installed our software, our installers are constantly scanned for viruses by enterprise level antivirus solutions so the chances are extremely low of that happening. For that to have happened there'd have to be a virus present on your system when you were downloading our installer so that the virus could infect our files.

While this type of message could indicate that some of the files for your Business Plan Pro software have been infected by a virus, we have confirmation that is not the case at this time. Instead, this is a false positive message from Avast anti-virus due to some problematic virus definitions.

We have downloaded and installed Avast antivirus onto a known clean system and received the same message when launching Business Plan Pro. This confirms a false positive detection from the Avast antivirus software due to recently released virus definitions. Sometimes antivirus programs suspect a file of being a virus when it isn't, this is what is commonly known as a false positive message. In our case, clicking the "Add the file to the scan exclusion list" link allowed us to close the error message and then re-launch Business Plan Pro without further issues. 


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