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The recently used files list in Business Plan Pro displays short-cuts to the most recent plans that you've saved within the software. This recently used files list appears on the "Start a Plan" screen under the open an Existing Plan menu, as shown here:



This list is also shown under the File menu inside Business Plan Pro as shown here:



This list is updated when you save changes to the plans that you're working on and the last saved plan (not currently open) will appear at the top of this.

These links are simply shortcuts to the business plan files themselves, so it's safe to clear this list (if you have too many links) at anytime. You can clear this list by taking these steps:

  1. Launch Business Plan Pro and open a plan that you want to appear in the list

  2. Once the program opens, click the Tools menu, then choose Options and Desktop

  3. Un-check the "Remember recently used files" option then click OK

  4. Click the Tools menu, then choose Options and Desktop

  5. Then re-check the "Remember recently used files" option and click OK

If you manually move the business plan files themselves (like if you're cleaning up your My Documents folder) and then try to use the Recently used files list to open that plan, Business Plan Pro will not know where the file was moved to and you'll receive this error:


That happens because Business Plan Pro doesn't know where you moved that file. In that situation, you should manually browse to the file and open it using the "More.." option, then clear the recently used files list and save the plan to create a new shortcut to the plan in the new location.


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