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We subscribe to a very good service for hosting our videos online and they have nearly 100% up-time. If you're having problems getting the videos to play, the most likely cause for the problem is that the Flash Player plugin for Internet Explorer needs to be installed or updated on your computer (even if you do not use Internet Explorer, the Windows interface we use does). 

The fix for this problem is to update the Flash Player plugin for Internet Explorer:

  1. Close your Palo Alto Software program
  2. Open Internet Explorer (Go to the Windows Start menu, Programs then choose Internet Explorer)
  3. Go to the following address using Internet Explorer:
  4. Follow the prompts to download and install the FlashPlayer plugin for Internet Explorer (Note: There's no need to install any optional software offered by Adobe, just the FlashPlayer)
  5. Once installed, visit the following page in Internet Explorer to confirm that the plugin is installed and updated:
  6. Close Internet Explorer and then reopen your software and check to see if the videos are playing

If you need access to the videos before you can correct the problem with the Flash Player plugin, you can view them in your normal web browser at:

  • Business Plan Pro version 12:
  • Business Plan Pro version 11:
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