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When launching Business Plan Pro you may encounter an error message that says:

"A corrupt configuration file was found and needs to be deleted before the application can run..."

This error message could indicate a problem with a configuration file created and used by our software or a configuration file for the .NET Framework on this machine.

  • If the issue is with the configuration file for the .NET Framework on the machine, unfortunately there is little that we can do to help you resolve this problem. It is an issue that has been reported on a few systems (even found on a few systems here in house) and appears to be related to a bad or partially installed update for the .NET Framework. Unfortunately, any resolution that we've been provided for the problem from Microsoft has failed to resolve the problem with the .NET Framework.
  • If the issue is with the configuration file created by Business Plan Pro; uninstalling, downloading and re-installing should have resolved the problem as the latest version of the software can automatically delete this file and recreate it. If the problem persisted after re-installing from the download, you can manually delete the user.config file to see if that resolves the problem as well (see below).


Take the following steps to delete the user.config files so that our software can re-create them:

  • Windows 10 users click here
    1. Double Click on the My Computer icon
    2. Double click on the local drive (C:)
    3. Follow the steps for your version of Windows:
      • Windows XP or Vista
        1. Right click on the Documents & Settings folder then choose Search
        2. Click the More Advanced link and check the box to "Search hidden files and folders"
        3. Type user.config into the File name: box and click Search
      • Windows 7 or Windows 8
        1. Double click on the Users folder
        2. Press the ALT key then choose Tools and Folder options from the menu
        3. In the "View" options, check Show Hidden files and folders and uncheck "Hide protected operating system files" and click OK
        4. Click into the Search box in the upper right hand corner
        5. Type user.config into the search box and hit enter
    4. Once the search results are displayed, click the Edit drop down menu then choose Select All
    5. If you want to make a backup copy of the files, click the Edit drop down menu and choose "Copy to folder"
    6. Once you've selected the files, press the delete key to delete the user.config files.
    7. Try to launch Business Plan Pro to see if the error is resolved.
  • Windows 10

    1. Double click the My Documents folder
    2. Select "This PC"
    3. Type user.config into the search field in the upper right hand corner of the window and press enter
    4. Once the search completes, right click on any user.config files located within a "Palo_Alto_Software" location and delete it/them
    5. Now relaunch Business Plan Pro to see if the software loads properly

If the error persists, this appears to indicate some unusual configuration of or problem with the .NET Framework for Windows on this machine. This could leave the .NET Framework running properly on your machine (perhaps even for other .NET software) but not allowing our software to use it. In these situations, you'd need the help of a Microsoft Support Technician to troubleshoot and resolve the issue with the Microsoft .NET Framework. It may be easier for you to simply use the software on a different machine than to try to troubleshoot an issue within the OS to this level.


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