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We have recent reports that some users are encountering the following message after recently updating or installing AVG anti-virus:



While this type of message could indicate that some of the files for your Business Plan Pro software have been infected by a virus, we suspect that is not the case at this time. If you just installed our software, our installers are constantly scanned for viruses by enterprise level antivirus solutions so the chances are extremely low of that happening. For that to have happened there'd have to be a virus present on your system when you were downloading our installer so that the virus could infect our files.

We have downloaded and installed AVG antivirus onto a known clean system and received the same message when scanning the Business Plan Pro files. This leads us to suspect a false positive detection from the AVG antivirus software due to recently released virus definitions. Sometimes antivirus programs suspect a file of being a virus when it isn't, this is what is commonly known as a false positive message.

Our recommendation would be to contact AVG so they can help you to ensure that your computer is indeed virus free and then they can help you exclude your Business Plan Pro software from their scans to avoid encountering this problem.

Here is a link to AVG's documentation on how to deal with a false positive within their software:


UPDATE: AVG Released new virus definitions on 12/18/2013 that eliminated this false positive detection. If you're getting this message you should update your AVG Virus Definitions to eliminate the problem.

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