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Business Plan Pro can automatically read and convert any plan from Business Plan Pro v11 or 2007 and uses an online conversion utility for any older plan files.

Business Plan Pro 2007 can automatically read and convert files from Business Plan Pro versions 2003 or newer. A free utility is available to open plans from Business Plan Pro 2002 or Business Plan Pro v4.0.


Click the links below to see instructions on converting your old plans.

Converting to:

  1. Business Plan Pro v12

For plans created in software older than version 4.0: 

Although we provide automatic conversions between one version and the next, each version uses new technological advances. Over several years, these improvements make very old files incompatible with newer versions.

Our Diagnostic Services team can usually convert files created in version 3 for you. Send us an email with the files attached for information on this or for assistance in converting your files.

You may also be able to copy and paste from program to program to convert the plan manually, although this is not ideal.

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