Do you have a version of Business Plan Pro for my Mac? Follow


Business Plan Pro is a Windows-based product and will not run on a Mac. With that said, there are solutions that allow you to install a Windows environment on your Mac, so that you can then install a copy of Windows and then install Business Plan Pro there. This requires a third-party program such as FusionParallels or Apple Boot Camp. We aren't able to offer support for installation or operation of these programs, but we're happy to help with operating the current version of Business Plan Pro.

Alternatively, our online platform LivePlan is an excellent tool for developing a professional business plan. You can access LivePlan from any kind of computer that has an internet connection, and you can even collaborate with colleagues who use both Mac and PC at the same time. LivePlan provides a safe, reliable and user-friendly way to write a professional business plan in an SBA-approved format.

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