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Introducing our latest feature, LivePlan Assistant, designed to elevate your business plan writing experience. This powerful tool is tailored for Standard and Premium account users and offers personalized grammar, tone, and formatting suggestions. With easy editing options, the AI Assistant aims to help users create polished, professional business plans.

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LivePlan Assistant for writing plan topics

LivePlan Assistant integrates seamlessly with the Plan topic text editor. When enabled, while you are working on a plan topic that you would like the LivePlan Assistant to help generate work for, you can use the Assistant's purple bar at the top of the text editor. If you're working in a blank section, you'll see a purple Help Me Write icon that, once clicked, will open a box where you can prompt the Assistant. 

LP Assistant Help Me Write.png

It should look like this: 

LP Assistant prompt.png


From the simplified Executive Summary, you'll see this:

LivePlan Assistant simplified ES.png

Which, when clicked, will expand like this: 

Help me write simplified ES.png


If you're working on a topic that already has some writing in it, then the AI Assistant icon will say Rewrite

LP Assistant Rewrite.png


Then, a drop-down menu will appear above the formatting toolbar. This menu provides various options to rewrite your content, catering to your specific needs.

The available options include:

  • Auto-Improve: Enhances the overall quality of the passage by refining grammar, tone, and style.
  • Make Shorter: Summarizes the passage, highlighting the key points.
  • Expand: Lengthens the passage, providing additional detail and context.
  • Academic Tone: Adapts the passage to convey an academic style suitable for scholarly writing.
  • Professional Tone: Reframes the passage with a formal, respectful tone, ensuring clarity and thoroughness.
  • Persuasive Tone: Recomposes the passage with the intent of convincing the reader to align with the writer's perspective, utilizing assertive, passionate, or even aggressive language to persuade effectively.

These allow you to customize your business plan content, ensuring it is tailored to your target audience and effectively communicates your ideas. Don't worry; your original content will only be replaced once you review and approve the rewritten topic.

Select a tone to begin generating a new passage for your topic:

LP Assistant Rewrite options.png


In this example, we've selected Auto-Improve. The Assistant's rewrite will be generated in the upper box, with the original content remaining below. Then, you can click Replace plan content to overwrite the topic's current work with the Assistant's generated version. 

LP Assistant Auto-improve.png


Select Replace plan content to update the content of this topic to the LivePlan Assistant-generated passage. If you'd like to see another rewrite, click Regenerate response instead. We'd also love your feedback on how the LivePlan Assistant performed. If you liked the results, click on the thumbs-up icon. Likewise, if the passage isn't helpful, click the thumbs-down icon. 



Please remember that replacing your topic content with the Assistant's generated work will erase and overwrite what you had in the topic before. You can undo the content replacement using the green Undo pop-up at the top center of your screen when you select this or the undo arrow icon that is in the lower text editor bar; CMD+Z or CTRL+Z keyboard shortcuts work as an undo as well. LivePlan_assistant_undo_locations.png

LivePlan Assistant in the Forecast

In the Forecast you can use LivePlan Assistant to suggest entries for Revenue, Direct Costs, Personel, and Expenses. The AI Assistant will generate a list of possible entries depending on the business details entered in the Company Options under "What type of business is this?". These details can be changed anytime by going to Options in the left sidebar and adjusting your business description. Think of this as part of your prompt for the LivePlan Assistant to generate possible revenue streams or expenses for your Forecast. 


To use the LivePlan Assistant in the Forecast, first go to the section where you'd like to generate entries, then select Show Assistant

liveplan assistant forecast show assistant.png


This will open a pop-up menu where the Assistant will generate possible line entries for your business. 

liveplan assistant suggested revenue streams.png


You can select as many suggested entries from this menu as you like. When you're done entering suggested line entries, click I'm done adding streams. The entries will be automatically added to the forecast without any financial data. So, you'll need to go through and add the values to the entries after they have been added to the forecast. 


Here is a short video to better illustrate this process: 

generating revenue streams with the liveplan assistant.gif


To edit your new suggested forecast line entries, click on the green title text of the entry that you'd like to edit. This will open the details of the line entry so that you can add your financial details. 

edit forecast line entry.png


Turning LivePlan Assistant on and off

Click the Profile icon in the lower-left corner of your LivePlan window and select Manage Account, or click here:

Arrow Pointing to manage account.png


On the Account Details page, scroll down to the Feature Access field and click on the toggle to turn LivePlan Assistant on or off:Feature_access_profile_menu.png

Tips for using LivePlan assistant

  • Apply multiple rewritesTry using different combinations of rewrites in LivePlan Assistant to refine the responses further. For example, consider using the Expand feature to expand on brief ideas you've jotted down for a particular topic. Then, apply Professional Tone to help ensure your ideas are presented with a confident and businesslike tone. 
  • Regenerate responses: Sometimes, the initial response may not meet your expectations. By regenerating the response, the topic's content can be rephrased while maintaining its original essence.

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