What's new in LivePlan

Are you curious about the latest updates and enhancements to LivePlan? Keep reading to discover what our team has been developing.

January 2024

What's New:

Apple Pay

We've expanded our payment options to include Apple Pay, now available for all users utilizing Apple's Safari browser. 

December 2023


Redesigned Forecasting Experience

Dive into your financial forecasting with a fresh, intuitive interface. We've reimagined the design of our forecast pages, including revenue, expenses, and personnel, to maximize screen space and enhance user experience. Planning your financial future has never been more straightforward or visually engaging.

Schedule Updates

LivePlan's Schedule received a clean new design this month as well, making navigation and milestone scheduling easier than ever.

November 2023

What's New:

AI-Powered Executive Summary

help me write beta badge executive summary.png

We’re thrilled to introduce a new feature that revolutionizes how you create your executive summary. Our new "Help Me Write" feature employs advanced AI to take the comprehensive details from your business plan and craft a concise, impactful executive summary. This means less time spent on summarizing and more time on strategizing. Available now for all users, this feature is currently in beta as we fine-tune it based on your valuable feedback.

Guided Business Planning 

Navigating the complexities of business planning is now even easier with our latest addition – the Guide. This structured path leads you through the essential stages of crafting your business plan, from defining your business opportunity to forecasting financial needs. With clear tasks and sub-tasks, you'll never lose track of what's next. Plus, our progress tracking feature keeps you informed of how close you are to completing your masterpiece.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to refine and expand LivePlan’s features to support your business planning journey. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please don't hesitate to share your thoughts and experiences with these new enhancements.

October 2023

Progress is this October's theme, with our Plan and Forecast sections receiving a new progress indicator.

What's New:
Plan and Forecast Progress Indicators

Keep track of your business plan creation with our new Plan & Forecast Progress Indicators! These handy tools allow you to monitor the completion status of each topic within your business plan. Here’s how they work:

  • not started to in progress.png
    Not Started to In Progress:
    As soon as you begin adding content—like text or images—to a topic in the Plan section, the indicator will shift from Not Started to In Progress. Similarly, as you begin to add items to each page of your LivePlan Forecast, the progress indicator will update to In Progress.
  • needs review.png
    Needs Review:
    You can manually set a topic or a Forecast page to Needs Review as a reminder for further refinement or for a contributor to leave notes or make edits. 
  • ready.png
    Marking as Ready:
    You decide when a topic is complete. Simply click on the indicator next to the topic and select Ready from the dropdown menu.

Progress Indicators are designed to make planning and forecasting more manageable, giving you and your contributors a clear view of what’s done and what needs attention. 


September 2023

We're excited to bring you some notable changes to the LivePlan platform this month! Our focus has been on making your planning and company management tasks even easier, so let's dive right in.

What's New:
A Faster Way to Add Topics, Charts, or Tables to Your Plan

No more zigzagging through different views! Now, you can add new plan elements directly from the Plan View. As you hover between existing elements, a new button will appear, allowing you to add a Topic, Chart, or Table instantly. 

Introducing a Streamlined Executive Summary

We've reimagined how the Executive Summary should work. Now, when you create a new company using our standard template, you'll find a simpler and more focused Executive Summary section. This section sits right at the top of your plan, making it easier to access and edit. In addition, LivePlan's Pitch topic now features LivePlan Assistant in order to help you create an unforgettable pitch. 


Sort Your Company List Your Way

If you're managing multiple companies in LivePlan, we've got good news for you! You can now sort your list of companies either by the last edited date or by the date they were created. This setting will remember your preference, so you'll always pick up right where you left off. This feature is available for users with seven or more total companies.

With these changes, we aim to make your LivePlan experience even more intuitive and efficient. As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Stay tuned for more updates!

August 2023

Our developers were hard at work in August to bring you another batch of fresh features to boost your business plan.

What's New:
Smart Personnel and Direct Cost Suggestions

LivePlan Assistant just got smarter! Just like the revenue and expense suggestions released earlier, it provides tailored suggestions for adding personnel and direct costs to your forecast. Modify your business type and description under the Options menu to refine these recommendations.


More Room for Your Pitch

Good news! You now have extra room to make your business pitch stand out. And don't worry about overshooting—our handy indicator will turn yellow as you approach the limit and red once you've maxed out.


New Look for the Sidebar

Sidebar changes.png
We have updated the left sidebar to provide easier access to various features. You can now activate the Command Bar (highlighted in black), Connect to Accounting (outlined in yellow), access the Account menu (highlighted in red), and manage your companies and scenarios (shown in green) all from one convenient location.

July 2023

AI Assistant updates

In July, we continued our efforts to integrate LivePlan Assistant into more areas of the Forecast section, and now users can access expense suggestions directly on the Expenses page. Suggest Expenses is extremely helpful in ensuring that all expenses are carefully considered, which can help prevent unexpected surprises and lead to a more accurate forecast.

suggest expenses.png

LivePlan Assistant now includes a new feature in the Plan section called Help Me Write. This feature allows you to easily turn brief notes or ideas into a complete passage for any Plan topic. Simply look for the Help Me Write option for any empty plan topic in LivePlan's Plan section.

help me write.png
Automatically find NAICS category

If you're a LivePlan Premium user, you may have noticed a new feature in the Benchmark section. Your NAICS category is now determined automatically based on your business name and description, which you can edit in the Options section. This is helpful because NAICS categories can be confusing, but LivePlan will now figure out where your business belongs and set a NAICS category for you to compare in the Benchmarks section.



June 2023

AI Assistant updates

We've recently added functionality to the LivePlan AI Assistant. Now you can use the AI Assistant to suggest revenue streams for your company. This can help planners make sure that they aren't missing any potential revenue opportunities for their business. 


To discover potential revenue streams for your business, provide a brief description, and LivePlan will suggest options. You can easily add these suggestions to your Forecast by selecting the ones you want. The revenue streams will be automatically included, making it easier than ever to create projections.


In the Plan section, LivePlan Assistant gained a new Rewrite option


Command bar updates

Did you know that LivePlan has a shortcut menu called the Command Bar that can be accessed from any section of the app by pressing the command (cmd) + K keys at the same time? Now that menu is even more useful, allowing you to navigate throughout the LivePlan app swiftly, jump to specific scenarios, switch companies, and more. 

command bar.gif


Custom Themes in the Pitch

Want a little more control over the look of your Pitch? Just click on Select a Theme, now available in the Pitch section of LivePlan, and select one of the themes, or use the Custom Color option to pick the perfect shade for your Pitch. 

pitch theme selection.png


May 2023

LivePlan AI Assistant 

We are thrilled to introduce our latest feature, LivePlan Assistant, powered by AI technology. With LivePlan Assistant, you can quickly reword any topic in the Plan section with personalized grammar, tone, and formatting suggestions. 

LivePlan Assistant plan topic.gif

We'll be expanding LivePlan Assistant's functionality in the coming months to LivePlan's Forecast and beyond. 


April 2023

Undo & redo in the topic editor

We've recently added undo and redo buttons to the Plan topic editor. Now, you can easily navigate through your most recent changes to the topic, giving you greater control and flexibility when crafting your content.

undo and redo arrows highlighted.png


Easier access to the topic editor

After receiving feedback from users, we made the entire plan topic clickable to enter the topic editor. Previously only the "Edit" button would enter the editor.

Click anywhere to edit plan topics

click anywhere on a topic to edit.png


New topic editor design

We have also refreshed the plan editor experience by moving the sidebar to the right to better focus attention on the written content. Topic instructions and examples are now found along the right side of the editor window.

Old topic editor                                                                                  New topic editor

new topic editor design.png


Varying percentage for burden rate

In accounting, the term burden rate refers to the percentage of additional indirect costs of paying an employee beyond their base salary. These additional costs, listed as employee-related expenses on financial statements, can change over time as healthcare, insurance, taxes, and other expenses change. Now you can set your burden rate to change year to year or even month to month.


variable amount burden rate.png


March 2023


Dividends as a percent of net profit

We've added more flexibility to LivePlan's dividend model. Now you can forecast dividends as a percent of your net profit (in addition to the one-time, monthly, and varying amounts over time options. This means that your dividend projections scale automatically with your company's profitability.

Dividends as a percent of profits.png


Pitch design refresh

The Pitch tab received a number of visual updates to provide a cleaner, easier-to-navigate experience. 


Pitch redesign .gif






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