Spell Check

LivePlan's built-in spell check will highlight spelling and punctuation errors within your plan topics. Spelling suggestions are highlighted in red, with punctuation suggestions appearing in blue. Clicking on any of the underlined sections will display a list of suggested corrections:

spelling suggestion.png

Select the correction to make, or select Ignore all to stop suggesting a correction for that word on the current topic. To add the highlighted word to the dictionary and prevent further correction suggestions, click on the disc icon:

save to dictionary.png

The settings menu can be accessed by mousing over the dot near the lower-right corner of the topic editor. This dot will be yellow if there are no suggestions and red if there are:

spell check menu.gif

Further configuration settings can be adjusted by clicking the gear icon:


Here you can select the spell check language as well as the toggles for language, automatic spelling correction, autocomplete suggestions, and which words to ignore:
spell check settings.png

To turn spell check off, click the power button:



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