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The Head Count row in the Personnel table shows the total number of full-time equivalent (FTE) employees you've added to your personnel forecast, including contract hires. This row only appears if you've added more than one employee to your forecast:


Where does the head count come from?

When you create a personnel entry for an individual employee, LivePlan adds one to your total head count:


When you create a personnel entry for a group of employees, LivePlan adds the total number of the group to your head count:


Also, if you have more than one employee in a group, the head count for that group will show in parenthesis next to the group name:



Why is my head count showing as a decimal number?

For an individual employee entry, a decimal number next to the personnel entry indicates that the position is only filled for part of your forecast. For example, in a five-year forecast where a personnel entry starts at the beginning of the second year of the forecast and continues through the end of the fifth year, the headcount will display (0.80) next to the personnel entry. This indicates that the position is filled for 4 out of 5 years of the forecast, resulting in a head count of .80 for that position. Similarly, an employee starting at the beginning of the 3rd year of the forecast will see (0.60) next to the personnel entry.


If you have a group of employees, and the number of employees in that group changes from month to month, the Head Count display changes a little. Below is an example group of employees that increases in certain months. The Varying numbers input is used here to enter the number of employees each month:


For this group of employees, you can see two changes to the Head Count display below:

  • The Head Count row now shows a different total number of employees each month
  • The overall group head count in parentheses next to the group name shows a decimal number. LivePlan has calculated the average number of employees in this group over the length of the plan:



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