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The Head Count row in the Personnel table shows the total number of full-time equivalent (FTE) employees you've added to your personnel forecast, including contract hires. This row only appears if you've added more than one employee to your forecast:

head count row.png#asset:1096


Where does the head count come from?

When you create a personnel entry for an individual employee, LivePlan adds one to your total head count:


When you create a personnel entry for a group of employees, LivePlan adds the total number of the group to your head count:


Also, if you have more than one employee in a group, the head count for that group will show in parenthesis next to the group name:

head count column.png#asset:1095


Why is my head count showing as a decimal number?

If you have a group of employees, and the number of employees in that group changes from month to month, the Head Count display changes a little. Below is an example group of employees that increases in certain months. The Varying numbers input is used here to enter the number of employees each month:


For this group of employees, you can see two changes to the Head Count display below:

  • The Head Count row now shows a different total number of employees each month
  • The overall group head count in parentheses next to the group name is now showing a decimal number. LivePlan has calculated an average number of employees in this group over the length of the plan:



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