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In LivePlan, a Company is a container that holds all of these documents and tools:

  • Pitch
  • Plan
  • Benchmarks
  • Schedule
  • Dashboard

If you want to edit, print, or share a company archived in your account, you’ll need to restore it first. Restoring will move it back to your active companies list. 

Note: If your account has an active company limit of one, you'll need to archive the currently-active company first, so you'll have space for the company you're restoring. You can also change the number of active companies in your account for an added fee. 


To restore a company:

  1. Click on the portrait icon at the top-right of your LivePlan window and click Manage Account:
  2. Select Companies from the menu:
  3. If you see a company in the Active companies list, click the Archive link below that company:
  4. Now, locate the company you'd like to restore in the Archived companies list and click the Restore link below the company:


More on managing your companies:

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