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In LivePlan, a Company is a container that holds all of these documents and tools:

  • Pitch
  • Plan
  • Benchmarks
  • Schedule
  • Dashboard

Each time you create a new business plan or Pitch in LivePlan, you are creating a new company.

You can create as many companies in your LivePlan as you like, but only one of them can be active at a time, which means it can be edited and shared with others. All non-active companies are stored in your archive. It's easy to restore any of your archived companies to active status any time.

If you need more than one active company in your account, you can purchase an upgrade to include more, but this isn't a requirement.


Adding another company

  • First, you'll need to archive the one that is currently active.
  • Once you have archived your current active company, you'll see that you now have space available in your active company limit. You will also see the Create New Company button. Click it:
  • Follow the steps for setting up a new company. For more details, read Setting up a new company:
  • After creating your company, you'll have a choice of the location in LivePlan where you'd like to begin working - the Pitch, Plan, Forecast, or Dashboard. Click the box you prefer to get started:



More on managing your companies:

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