How many plans, pitches, and forecasts can I create in LivePlan?

In LivePlan, you can create as many new "Companies" as you like. A Company is basically a container, which holds all of these documents and tools:

  • Pitch
  • Plan
  • Forecast
  • Benchmarks *
  • Schedule *
  • Dashboard *

* These features are available to LivePlan Premium users. To learn more about LivePlan Premium, please click here

With each new company you create, you'll have access to create fresh versions all of the above.

Note: You can also create multiple forecasts in a single company. Please see this article for more details on that.

There isn't a limit to the number of companies you can create in your account. But in the default account, there is a limit to how many of your companies can be active at one time. An active company is a company that's available for editing and sharing with collaborators. Companies that aren't currently active are stored in your archive. Keep in mind that you and your contributors cannot edit or print content from a company while it is archived.

It's easy to switch between companies in your account, archiving one and making another active. For more on creating companies and switching between them, read Managing your companies.

If you'd like to have more than one active company in your account, you can upgrade. For more on this, read Changing the number of active companies on your account.

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