How do I save my work in LivePlan?

As you work in LivePlan, the software will automatically save your work to our secure servers every 5 seconds. Another save is triggered each time you click any button labeled I'm Done, Save & Close, or Save Changes. So rest assured that your work is being saved frequently, no matter what section of LivePlan you're using.

Each save will overwrite the previous one. If you think you'll need to revert to a prior version of your plan later, we recommend making a copy so you have that to restore later. LivePlan can't restore previous versions once they have been saved.

If you've entered some data into your plan and signed out, and it appears to be gone when you come back, you may need to look for it in another location in the software. This page offers some helpful tips on that.

If you feel that your work is not being saved, please and we'll be glad to help.

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