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You can add your logo to both the Pitch and the Plan. Adding a logo image to the Pitch will also populate the Plan (and vice versa). Your logo image should be either a .jpg or .png file, no larger than 5MB.

Below are the steps for adding a logo to both documents:


Adding your logo to the Pitch:

Note: These steps will place your logo near the top of your Pitch, on the left side of the page. You'd then add a headline to your Pitch to fill the space to the right of your logo. 

  1. In the Pitch tab on the View page, mouse over your company's name. A "Click here to change your company name" button will appear. Click it to access the logo upload: 
  2. Under Upload your company logo, click on Select an image from your computer:
    Alternatively, you can drag and drop your logo image into the upload box.
  3. Once your logo is uploaded, you'll see a preview:
  4. Click the View link again to see your logo in place:

Adding your logo to the Plan:

Note: These steps will place your logo on the cover page of your plan. The logo will fit into a square image area, so markedly horizontal or vertical logos may appear smaller.

  1. In the Plan tab, click on the Print icon:
  2. In the Setup section of the page, next to Cover Page, click the Edit button:
  3. On the overlay that appears, click the check box for Include cover page in your document. Then, click Select an image from your computer, or drag and drop a logo image to the upload area on the overlay:
  4. Click Save & Close at the bottom of the overlay to save the change:

Important notes:

  • Your logo upload will only be enabled on your Plan if it's set to the default Springfield theme. If you have changed the theme, be sure to change it back to Springfield.
  • If you have already uploaded a logo in the Pitch, it will appear on the cover page of your Plan (and vice versa).
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