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You can create a connection between Email Center Pro and your existing mail server to send all outbound email messages through your own servers. The reasons for doing this are described in: SMTP Servers: What are they, why use them and how do I set them up?

This article will give you detailed instructions on how to create an SMTP configuration and how to edit them.

Creating a new SMTP connection

To create a new connection, you need to take the following steps (The information required can be retrieved from your Email Administrator, IT Administrator, or Email Service Provider):

  1. Log into Email Center Pro (ECP) as any user with administrative privileges
  2. Click the Accounts & Tools link in the upper right hand corner of ECP
  3. Create your Custom SMTP configurations:
    1. Click to the Tools Panel and click the Custom SMTP link
    2. Add your Custom SMTP server configuration settings
    3. Then click the Test button and watch for the verification message in the upper right corner:
  4. Add your custom SMTP server configurations to the desired mailbox:
    1. Click the Mailboxes tab
    2. Select the desired mailbox
    3. Scroll down to the SMTP Servers selector
    4. Switch from "Default: Email Center Pro" to your custom configuration
    5. Click the Save button

Testing an SMTP connection

Editing an existing SMTP Connection

Deleting an existing SMTP Connection

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