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LivePlan will compile all the forecast entries you've created and display them in a financial statement format that's preferable for most banks and investors. If you need to include more financial details in your forecast, however, there are several options for doing that:


Inviting a guest to see your detailed forecast in LivePlan

If you're working with an advisor or investor who wishes to see all of the detail in your forecast, you can always issue them a guest pass to your plan. That way, they can see all of your forecast entries for each section. It's an excellent option to send this guest pass and present them with a PDF or printed copy of your plan. That way, they can easily see both the totals and the detail.


Adding a monthly-detail Appendix to your downloaded plan

You can always add an Appendix chapter to your plan when you download it as a PDF or Word document. This chapter can include all of your financial statements with monthly detail. You can also add itemized lists of your revenues, direct costs, and personnel to the Profit & loss statement.

For more on adding this appendix, see Adding an appendix of monthly-detail financial statements to the plan.



Adding a personnel table

The Personnel table lists each of your personnel entries with annual totals. To add this table to your plan, follow these steps:

  1. In the Plan tab, click Outline. Then, under Available Content, click Tables
  2. In the main section of the page, scroll to the chapter of your plan where you'd like the Personnel table to appear. In this example, we're placing it in the Financial Plan chapter. Click the Personnel Table block in the sidebar, and drag it to the location where you'd like it to display in your plan:
  3. Click the View & Edit link. In the sidebar of the page, navigate to the chapter where you placed the Personnel table to view it


Adding your own table or chart as an image

If the selection of additional tables and charts in LivePlan doesn't meet your needs, you can create your own in an outside program such as Excel. You can then take a screenshot of the finished table or chart and import it into your plan as an image.

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