Clearing your browser cache and cookies

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Clearing your cache and cookies

As you use your web browser each day, it tends to hold on to certain information in order to help you use the web more efficiently. However, this accumulated data can sometimes create issues when accessing certain web pages. This is why, when you encounter an issue with LivePlan (or many other online services), one of the first troubleshoots we usually recommend is clearing your browser's cache and cookies.

Below are links to instructions for clearing the cache of commonly used browsers:

Note: When you clear your browser's cache, you will immediately be signed out of all websites you are currently logged in to, including LivePlan. Depending on your browser, you may be able to select some logins to keep active.

Note: The instructions above are for desktop browsers. If you are using LivePlan on a mobile device, check the correct cache-clearing process for your mobile browser.

Using your browser's zoom feature

All web browsers have the feature to zoom in and out of the display, which can increase or decrease the size of the text and numbers on the screen. This function can be useful when viewing LivePlan content.

The simplest way to adjust your browser zoom is as follows:

  • On a Windows computer, hold down the [Control] key on your keyboard and type [+] to zoom in or [-] to zoom out.
  • On an Apple computer, hold down the ⌘ [Command] key on your keyboard and type [+] to zoom in or [-] to zoom out.

To return to default text size:

  • On a Windows computer, press the ctrl [Control] and zero (0) keys simultaneously on your keyboard 
  • On an Apple computer, press the ⌘ [Command] and zero (0) keys simultaneously on your keyboard 

When you type these commands, you will see a display near the top of your browser window that shows the current zoom setting:
Browser zoom .png

Alternatively, you can find the zoom setting in the View menu of all commonly used browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.


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