What is the difference between the pitch and the plan?

LivePlan can create two different documents: the Pitch and the Plan. You can access these by clicking on the sections in the left sidebar of your screen while working in the app:

pitch vs plan page.gif


Each format can be useful for different situations, so you can choose which best meets your needs.  You may even choose to complete both documents, but that isn't required—many business owners will only need one.

The table below explains how the Pitch and the Plan are different:




Useful for: • Presenting a business idea to investors

• Clarifying your business vision

• Sharing a condensed picture of your business
• Presenting a more detailed picture of your business to a bank or investor

• Working out the deeper details of your business vision
Can be published as: Web page, Powerpoint slideshow, or PDF document PDF document or Word document
Are there character limits to the text you enter? Yes No
Are there limits to the amount of data you can enter? Yes No
Can the theme be customized through LivePlan? Yes, color customization is available Yes, we offer ten readymade design themes for PDF and Word download 
Can the layout be customized? Some sections can be hidden Any section can be added, removed, and moved


Frequently asked questions:

  • Which form should I start with - the Pitch or the Plan? You can choose whichever document best meets your needs. Some users like to start with the Pitch to help them gather their thoughts and then proceed to the more-detailed Plan document. Others prefer to start with the Plan and complete the Pitch later when they need presentation materials.
  • When I enter information into my Pitch, does it also appear in my Plan? Since the two documents are separate, any information you write for the Pitch will not appear in the Plan, nor vice versa. The two exceptions are your forecast data and your Milestones - the numbers you enter in the Forecast section, and any Milestones you enter into the Schedule section, will appear in both the Pitch and the Plan.
  • Can I include the Target Market graph from my Pitch in my Plan? You absolutely can. If you take a screenshot of the graph on the Pitch page, you can import that image file into any topic in your Plan.
  • Can I combine my Pitch and Plan to present as one document? The Pitch and the Plan contain much the same information, so it isn't necessary to combine them. However, if you needed to give a Pitch presentation and a printed copy of your plan to an investor, you could complete both documents separately.
  • Why can't I print out my Pitch? The Pitch is designed to be shared as either a secret web page or as a PDF document. It's possible, however, to print a copy from your web browser. Read Downloading and printing your Pitch.
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