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Any entry that you make in the LivePlan forecast can be updated or deleted at any time.


Editing a forecast entry

If you want to edit an item you have already entered in the forecast (for example, a revenue stream, expense, asset, etc.), first navigate to the desired page of your Forecast tab.


Look for the table of your entries near the bottom of the page, then, click on the green title of the item you'd like to update:



Clicking any green title will open the editing options for that item.


For most entries, you'll have a series of overlays to navigate through in order to access the original numbers. Use the Next and Back buttons to navigate between them or click on the section numbers, as shown below:


You can edit any part of your entry. Click Save & Close when you're done. To discard changes, click on the X in the upper-right corner of the editor window:


Click Discard to return to the Forecast or Cancel to continue editing the entry:


Note: In certain tables, such as the Personnel table, you may need to click the triangle icons to expand the lines so you can access the editable entries, as shown below:



Deleting a forecast entry

To delete a forecast item you've already entered, follow the same steps as above, and look for the trash can icon in the lower left corner of the first box of editing options:


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