Why can't LivePlan connect to the server?

When LivePlan is unable to reach the server to save changes, you'll see the following message:

can't reach server 12-22.png

What does this mean?

This error usually indicates that the connection between your LivePlan account and our servers has been interrupted. The interruption is often momentary; you can click Try now and continue working normally.

It's rare but possible that our servers are experiencing issues or are down for scheduled maintenance. You can find out if this is the case by checking our Status page.

If our server status is "All systems go," and the error message persists, there could be a slowdown or interruption in your internet service. It's also possible that your internet connection's upload speed needs to be stronger to save your changes to our server every 5 seconds.

Note: You can often still load other websites normally if your upload speed isn't strong enough for LivePlan to operate. This is because viewing web pages involves downloading, not uploading.

Why is this happening?

There are two primary considerations in connecting LivePlan to the internet:

Speed: LivePlan's speed requirements are modest, with a 5 Mbps connection being fast enough and can be provided by most 4G and 5G cellular internet and the vast majority of home internet providers.

Stability: A stable connection means the signal strength and speed remain consistent over time without interruptions or significant fluctuations. 

Although an internet connection may have high peak speeds, frequent drops or instability can significantly disrupt the LivePlan experience. Features such as autosave, LivePlan Assistant, and other essential components of LivePlan require a stable connection to send and receive data. LivePlan will display a warning when there is an unstable connection or significant latency delay between data sending and response receiving. The warning will remain until LivePlan is able to reestablish a stable connection with the servers.

What should I do next?

Is your internet connection down?

If you click the Try now link in the error message and see a message that says, "Unable to connect to the Internet" or something similar, the problem may be that your Internet connection is down. To resolve this issue, follow your usual troubleshooting behavior — check your Wifi router, cable modem, etc., or contact your service provider for support. 

Is your internet connection slow or intermittent?

You may also see this error message when you have a spotty or slow connection. LivePlan is an interactive website requiring a strong, steady upload connection to save your changes frequently. Below are some conditions that can cause your connection to be spotty or slow:

  • Using a wireless connection too far from the base. Increasing the distance between your computer and the wireless base can significantly reduce your upload speed and quality. Moving closer to the base or using a wired connection will usually resolve this issue.
  • Streaming content on the same internet connection. Streaming content such as music or movies or experiencing other significant network traffic can disrupt LivePlan's operation in some cases.
  • Using Internet service with severely reduced upload speed and connectivity. Some internet providers optimize their service for fast download speeds but provide extremely slow or weak upload connections. The upload connection is what LivePlan relies on. You can always try a speed test to determine your connection's current upload and download speeds.

Still need help?

Please contact us; we'll gladly help you with the troubleshooting above. We are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time, except on U.S. holidays.

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