Why are there character limits in the pitch?

The Pitch is meant to be a brief, focused, visual summary of the main points from your company content. To keep the pitch layout looking great for every LivePlan user, there are character limits imposed on the text entry fields.

If you need to avoid character limits, you'll want to work in the Plan section instead of the Pitch section. For details, see What is the difference between the Pitch and the Plan?


Limits in text fields

Most short text fields in the Pitch accept 70 characters. The only exception is the company name field, which accepts 60 characters. There are gray character counters on the right side of the fields that display how many characters are remaining: 

Pitch Character Limit Counter.png


Limits in text areas

Larger text areas in the pitch are 300 characters long and show a character count message in the lower left of the text entry box.

When the character count approaches the limit, the text box and character counter will turn yellow:

Pitch Character Limit Warning.png

When the character count reaches the limit, the text box and character counter will turn red:

Pitch Character Limit Reached.png


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