Can I use LivePlan on a tablet or iPad? Follow

You can use LivePlan on a tablet as long as you have a fast, reliable Internet connection and a supported Web browser installed (see the link below). We don't regularly test mobile functionality, however. At the moment, LivePlan is still designed as a desktop application. 

We do support the current version of iOS on the iPad. LivePlan generally runs well on the iPhone and iPod touch as well, but we do not routinely test on those smaller devices.​ We also do not test or support LivePlan on other tablet devices.

LivePlan generally works on a tablet or phone for viewing and light editing of the plan content. We don't have a mobile app version of LivePlan; instead, you'd be accessing our web-based software through the web browser app on your device.

Keep in mind that LivePlan performs an automatic save to our secure servers about every 5 seconds as you work. This requires an internet connection with a strong upload speed. If you're working in LivePlan using a public wifi connection, we can't guarantee its upload speed will be fast enough for optimal operation of LivePlan.

We do not recommend or support attaching a third-party keyboard to any mobile device for data entry. Attached keyboards can create issues with navigation and text editing in LivePlan.


For more about specific browser requirements for LivePlan, please see this article.

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